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Pheromone Cologne To Drive Women Crazy

December 26 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #Pheromones

And there were the men with pheromone cologne . . . like the one who first photographed me so I could see the beauty he saw in me and stop criticizing myself. He helped me see myself authentically, not just once, but throughout our time together. Of course,...

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CP 28 Pheromones

April 23 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

CP-28 pheromones appeared to become distorted and lose their contents rapidly; a failure was probably associated with high humidity. For initial screening, candidate formulations spread on microscope slides were ht outdoors in a protected location, and...

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Dealing With Pheromone Attraction

December 6 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

How do you deal with pheromone attraction? The way I interpret this message is real pheromones. Yea, I found you attractive and if you had enough balls and were smooth enough (aka reframe me on the "im seeing someone" part if I would have brought it up)...

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Female Pheromone Containing Compounds

November 8 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #Pheromones

As noted earlier (Section ll.l)). there is evidence to suggest that the female pheromone secretion contains compounds additional to EEOH. Mating can occur in EEOH- treated areas when adult density is exceedingly high (as in the cages of Cardé et al.“),...

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Attraction pheromones

September 14 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

To be free as a man you must find the attraction pheromones inherent in these choices (a freedom that is often overlooked). Naturally, when you make certain choices, those choices come with a set of consequences. We call those consequences circumstances...

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After Pheromone Usage

September 7 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #Pheromones

Pheromones matter everywhere. The fewest number of unmated female tobacco budworms and bollworms and the largest number of spermatophores per females occurred at the time of the highest population density. The high percentages of mating pairs collected...

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Seasonal Pheromones

September 5 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

The duration and amplitude of the seasonal pheromones period in the target area must be known before a mass trapping strategy can be designed. Boness“ reported that the male‘ flight period in Europe lasts for 5 weeks, though most occurs within a period...

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Application of pheromones in mammals

September 1 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #Pheromones

Pheromones are considerably more moths than those at low levels probably because of the stratified temperatures which facilitated flying at the higher levels. 22. 9.3. Prospects for Pheromones Success Based on preliminary field testing it appears that...

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Extensive Use of Pheromones

August 29 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

The extensive use of pheromones for boll weevil control may not only cause a serious problem of environmental pollution, but often causes a drastic reduction of natural biological agents that would otherwise hold other agricultural pests in check. The...

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Pheromone Glands

August 28 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

Platyrrhine monkeys use the pheromone gland, analogous to our axilla, to mark out territory, and size is a measure of male dominance. The human tendency to attack and remove both body hairs and the prepuce as unesthetic may conceivably reflect an unconscious...

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