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Pheromone Cologne To Drive Women Crazy

December 26 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #Pheromones

Pheromone Cologne To Drive Women Crazy


And there were the men with pheromone cologne . . . like the one who first photographed me so I could see the beauty he saw in me and stop criticizing myself. He helped me see myself authentically, not just once, but throughout our time together. Of course, I will never forget the man who helped me heal my sexual wounds by loving me as I was and desiring me with equal passion. All of these pheromone experiences are so different and yet they left an indelible mark on me. In some way, each of these men or boys took me somewhere I’d never been, and they did it out of love.

Pheromone Cologne and Women Fantasies

If you look at women’s pheromone fantasies, so many of the metaphors are about being swept into love. The reason is that being swept up creates a feeling of physical lightness, which is a literal high for a woman. This “high” is created for two reasons: She is relieved of her focus on doing and deciding, and because being taken care of produces the hormone oxytocin in her brain. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and love in a woman. In a woman’s romantic fantasy, she is often taken away from the drudgery of daily life and led somewhere that enchants and delights her. Pheromone cologne will make women go wild.

When you meet a woman who excites you, you may catch yourself thinking one step ahead in any moment with pheromones. When will I kiss her? Where will I take her next? Shall I invite her home? A woman, on the other hand, is thinking ten steps ahead. She’s wondering: Would you travel well together? Would her friends like you? Would you make a good partner or husband?

What might happen with you is an incredible source of pheromones excitement. Love is built on pheromones. Where will you go together? How will she grow and change with you? Does she like your pheromone cologne choice?

Her picturing and conjuring of feeling creates a wave of growing pheromone excitement, but that excitement and expansion can quickly crash into nothingness if not met by your imagination and leadership. It’s a key moment in a romance. And it’s one that needs to be carried intelligently into a pheromonal relationship.

If nothing seems possible with you – if loving you or wanting you is a dead end – a woman’s heart contracts. She won’t create this swell of feelings inside of her; she’ll simply shut the romantic door. This happens whether there is no possibility with you, or whether you’ve allowed the romantic possibility in your relationship to dry up.

Men are generally great at stimulating a woman in this way in the beginning when passions are high and you’re working to win over a woman. You do all kinds of things that stir the possibility pot. You talk about a future. You share dreams. You show up with a plan, sweep her off her feet, and take her to places that excite her. You feed the possibility by continuously building good feelings together.

When you stop taking her mind, body, and heart to these places, the pheromone cologne scent fades. To a woman, it can feel as if she’s been duped, as if you held out a promise you didn’t fulfill. Her expectation – when and if she chose you – was that the romance would continue to grow and bloom. In fact, it was her dream that you’d always have this same excitement for creating possibility with her, while perhaps for you, that high-energy “moment” was all about getting her and sealing the deal.

Whether you’ve been with a woman for a month or a decade, she still has this same desire to be taken somewhere. If you don’t use the right pheromones, she’ll look to someone who will, or she’ll close down her desire for you. It’s so much a part of what stimulates her sexually. Think about how different a woman is with you when you’re on vacation or creating some future together, or when you’re sharing dreams. It’s because you are feeding the romantic possibility with her.

Where does a woman want to be taken? Every woman is different. I want to be taken to places I’ve never seen. I love adventure. I also want to be inspired by a man’s brilliance and vision. Being taken somewhere in my mind and imagination is really powerful. I want to feel that my man is creating something of meaning in the world. This, too, is a journey.

Control Her Mind With Pheromones

I also want to be taken somewhere in bed. In other words, I want to be touched in a way I don’t expect, or for a man’s passion to surprise me. It’s not just about new experiences, or wild and different experiences; it’s about leaning into and expanding what is possible for you and for the two of you. Love is a journey: Where are you headed? Are you just going through the motions, or is there a bigger possibility for your sexual relationship and for your powerful pheromone cologne?

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