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Nantucket Portrait Photographer for Beautiful Photos

December 24 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett

Nantucket Portrait Photographer for Beautiful Photos

Are you looking for a Nantucket portrait photographer? Just ask yourself: What is the best picture here? Where will the decisive moment take place? I Work on cultivating your ability to anticipate good moments. Again, go to a sporting event and pay attention to the action.

If the bases are loaded, you know that the player on third will try to slide into home. Position yourself where that moment will happen.

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Decisive moments can be found in almost any situation, from everyday family interactions to exciting plays in sports to events that make the news around the world. There isn’t any one approach to capturing decisive moments beyond constantly working at your craft. Keep a camera handy at all times, practice and experiment with all the tools in your photographer’s toolbox, and develop your eye by critiquing your photos after a shoot. With those tips in mind, brainstorm some unusual activities you might photograph that involve repetitive action. What about a carnival or a swim meet? Spend some time observing activities and see if you can train yourself to predict when the next decisive moment will occur. Learn more at http://pommettphotography.com/

Portrait Photographer

Portrait photographr is the market that photographers love to shoot. These events offer a great deal of visual excitement—with the crowds and the brightly colored produce for sale—but they can also be difficult to photograph, especially if you want to get more than just tight shots of your favorite vegetables. In this lesson, we’ll walk through a typical farmers’ market, paying particular attention to how we can deal with the light as it changes throughout the day.

Lesson Takeaways

If you want to have a pleasant experience photographing a farmers’ market, travel light: At most, you need a shooting vest to hold extra batteries, a flash, a small soft box, extra lenses, and extra camera cards.

When the light starts to become harsh, underexpose the scene, making it richer and more saturated. This may also be the time to use a reflector and get some detail shots. If you want to capture the larger scene, use a soft box and a flash, but keep the flash off the camera, firing it either with a cord or wirelessly. Before you use the flash, expose for the brightest part of the frame, then dial that down a little bit so that the background is the darkest part of the image you’ll be creating. Then, play around with the flash, increasing and decreasing the power until you get the look you want.

If you have a more advanced camera, you may have what’s called auto focal plane, which means that the camera will allow you to shoot with a flash at faster than l/250 or 1/320 of a second, the standard maximum flash speeds for most cameras. This allows you to darken the background and retain a fairly wide aperture, giving you shallow depth of field even in harsh lighting conditions.

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