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Pheromones Always Do The Trick For Me

November 28 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett

Pheromones Always Do The Trick For Me

Pheromones always get me laid. I keep on walking back to my place  but she's young and she's asking me where we are going to use stronger pheromones. I tell her that I want to show her American cartoons and it'll be real quick etc etc

I keep being persistant and then at my front door and she's starts walking away haha because she doesn't know me and that I adore the usage of pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/top-pheromones-for-2015

I go grab her and we sit down at the nearby park because I know she means "not yet" not "no"

I keep kissing her, nibbling on her ear and I tell her that she's the boss, I won't do anything that she doesn't want to try my new pheromone cologne.

I then suggest we watch some american shit real quick, she's  still hesistant but comes inside and then jumps my bones when we get in my room.(She was on her period too, why do I have to fuck through blood so much?)

She was one of the top 3 girls I met on my trip of the 11, attractive, fun to be around and more  Gotta love 18 year olds

Lay #3: Worst intimacy of my life.

ALWAYS SCREEN Your Pheromones

Befriended a cool chick, went out with her and her friends. Banged the friend. Never again will i be so careless. Check out pheromones at http://condor-project.org/why-i-use-the-best-pheromones/​​​​​​​

Lay #4: Met her on cold approach. She was ok looking, attractive enough.

Went out with her friends later.

I wasn't sure anything was going to happen, in fact I was even't trying to get laid.

Then we went over to dance together and one thing led to another...

Back and my place for some fun later, she broke up with her boyfriend on the bus ride back

Florinapolis (brazil)

Lay #5: Same day lay #2 of my life!

I was walking along the lake near lagoa de concencao(wrong spelling) when this hippy looking chick passed by me.

I ran after her and said hello, she barely spoke any english hahaha

Same deal as the first one, I'm touching her constantly but this time she's constantly rebuffing me

Saying no, keep your hands to yourself and I just joke about it. The important thing is she doesn't walk away.

Things lead to one thing then another....

I had trouble keeping it up this time since weed makes me SUPER ANXIOUS, my heart rate goes THROUGH THE ROOF.

I forgot to take her number(fuck me). I wish I could of made it up to her the second time around.

Lay #6: Tinder lay.

Matched, she came over, wham bam slam thank you mam

We metup twice too, cool chick, showed me some delicious brazilian food and gave fuckin, kickass bj's but this next chick beat her out...

Lay #7: Cold approach> setup date

I was walking around central florianapolis trying to get laid, basically.

Some lame approaaches and then I see this darker but still light skinned looking chick with a kickass body

I go and say hello, her english was bad but after 30 seconds of rambling on about bullshit I go and nibble on her ear and then she makes out with me.

I take her number and we meet up later.

No bs,straight to my place.

This chick gave THE most amazing blowjob of my life. That technique.. man...

She had fake tits too and a good body overall, really kinky. Like's to be dominated(just how I like them)

Like the 18 year old brazilian, slapped, spanked, talked dirty to, choked etc

I met up with her twice before I left, pretty woman. Turns out she had a kid with some japanese guy too. I asked her if the condom broke and she said they didn't use one<lol

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