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Semenax All-Natural Sperm Booster

October 21 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #health

Semenax All-Natural Sperm Booster

Semenax is a powerful and effective all-natural semen booster for men.  You can increase your ejaculation volume p to 500% with Semenax.

Sperm production is so often neglected and forgotten, and it unfortunately leads to real emotional dissatisfaction on part of the woman, who releases all this frustration with emotional outbursts, and criticism of the man. He then becomes really sexually frustrated, and fears he has been really un-fairly victimised by his partner, in relation to as many tasks, as though he were being nagged.

I suggest that husband / wife, man and woman like partners, need to keep a regular time to really nourish each other and to support each other on a daily basis to increase their ejaculation and satisfaction. I mean you may say to me, “Oh 5 minutes, I can’t find that five minutes to sit down with my partner.” But let’s really look at what’s important. It’s your relationship, your commitment to your emotional and sexual relationship. Learn more at http://alphaguys.weebly.com/semenax.html

So five minutes is a small investment, to sit down together put aside the business, the children and to communicate how you are really feeling about yourself while boosting your sperm production with Semenax.

Take Semenax Supplements Once A Day

Semenax should be taken once a day to ensure maximum results and sperm production. What is happening with you for that day, what different things are you going through, and take the opportunity to give each other reassurance and support that friends and mothers do. Now this short daily practice can go a long, long way in the emotional nurturing of both man and woman.

 So when they come together sexually later, the energies are much more closely attuned and harmonized more quickly. Another exercise for people with some knowledge of spinal energy work, is just simply sitting back to back, and if your familiar with charkas just slowly rising the energy from the base of the spine up the charkas, up to the crown to the top of the head, and down again. Harmonising your breath together and then as your breathing in raising the energies together and down. This is a really close exercise to bring the energies really close together in quick time.

Another suggestion is I think it’s really important to make a date for greater intimacy and stamina, at least once a week, or a fortnight, or whatever is comfortable for you. What I mean by ‘a date for intimacy’, not that you wouldn’t have sex other times, but this is planned time in advance when you both make the commitment to organize your tasks, or to set aside two or three hours or more if you can for each other just sexually.

So in summary it is important for men to constantly affirm your woman’s attractiveness, weather is makes sense to you or not and use Semenax. For women affirm your man’s production, his performance weather is makes sense to you or not.




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