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Pherazone Ultra is most effective pheromone

October 24 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett

Pherazone Ultra is most effective pheromone

Pherazone Ultra has been the most effective pheromone I have ever used. I’m noticing that I don't want to remind myself of when I used to wear shitty pheromones. It costs too much energy and hence it feels incongruent. Still, talking to women means that there are some parts of my pheromone formulation that need to be attractive. 

So I'll do my best to switch my playful frame with a frame of love. I already have a first FR where I did this (click) and I like what I see so far. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe it really is a style that's better suited to me. It jives with the gentleman frame pretty well, provided that I don't become 'nice'. Having a frame of love can get me into that trap, every now and then using these more powerful pheromone formulas. Check out Pherazone Ultra at http://solenoidrocks.com/power-pherazone-ultra/

I'm also wondering to what extend I still need to be playful. I realized that in the women I talk to that I still am really playful, I just don't notice it anymore. I think that also has to do with the idea that I'm easily excitable in a lot of these interactions. So I guess I can let it go as a conscious reminder that Pherazone works.

What does playfulness form pheromones do though? I haven't thought about that in ages. I remember that books and people on forums say that it disarms. It is akin to humor, so that seems about right.

Oh! It is related to The Magic Circle of Huizinga (and this is where my academic education meddles with my reflection xD). By allowing a girl to suspend her disbelief you are able to write your own rules (in a digital game that is). With playfulness, it is no different. You step together into a magic circle. Isn't that the case with every frame? Hmm... so with every frame I set from the beginning, I basically 'define' the rules for her on how to 'play' me. Damnit, I'm viewing myself as a game (game = rules + goals + playfulness/learning/experimentation).

Pherazone Ulta Pheromones Make Her Playful

So playfulness is the frame of not taking things too seriously -- like I am doing now, I'm the worst :lol: Aha! So playfulness allows me to push boundaries. It is a killer for tension though, because tension has seriousness as a characteristic. Hmm... playfulness (push), sexual tension (pull). Just like soft dominance (push) and soft dominance (pull) that I read publicly in this thread (click!) from that daygame book of Krauser. So apparently I view non-seriousness as a pushing away, and seriousness as a pull. Seems about right.

Well, then it makes an aweful lot of sense why clowns (tutuduuuu Okarin! :o) ) can't get laid! Il intenzione è poof! Gone! Playfulness is good for a friendship, so it needs to be there in some cases (e.g. LTR). Ah, so the magic of physical teasing is that even though you're not serious, by transgressing her physical boundaries there is still some sexual tension going on. On the surface level there still is no intention, but in between the lines there is, hmm? :wink:

Verbal teasing and bantering also transgresses boundaries thanks to Pherazone. Which ones? Hmm... fuck if I know. When I teased my ex-girlfriend, I did it verbally almost always, she almost always did it physicall, because she couldn't win in words -- and she was better at physical teasing than me. What the hell did I do? I pranked her a lot on her gullability. I'd lie about something small -- I didn't bring the milk -- she'd believe it and then she'd find the milk in the fridge and be annoyed that I lied. I found it pure comedy :lol:

Sometimes I'd string a couple of verbal teases together until we got to the point that she got annoyed by the fact that I was amused about her being annoyed (can you see the spiral?). I did this to infringe upon her most important ideal (mine as well by the way), which is brutal honesty -- got a post on that too (click!), man I sound so coherent with my web of links pointing to this, lol. So it's basically pushing. Yea, seems about right in some cases I'd pull by giving her a hug if I bashed her most important ideal a bit too much. Is that the only thing it did? Overall, Pherazone is the most powerful pheromone I have had the pleasure to work. Learn more about pheromones at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/09/guide-them-with-pheromones.html

Pherazone Ultra is most effective pheromone

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