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I have been using X4 Labs extender [RESULTS]

October 16 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #health

I have been using X4 Labs extender [RESULTS]

I have been using X4 Labs extender because it gives my girlfriend greater satisfaction. My girlfriend and I had gotten to the point where it was almost automatic for us to have intercourse the first thing in the morning. I would wake up with an erection, lube my ****  up, and put her on top of me. I would then slide my **** inside her before she was even fully awake. We loved these episodes of morning foreplay because the immersion we felt during them was so high. Once, she said that it felt almost like a dream. The X4 labs extender has allowed me to boost my girth to ridiculous amounts.

I decided to take this all the way and make it a full fantasy for her. One morning, I woke up and instinctively reached for the Astroglide. Still half asleep, I thoroughly coated my erect **** in the X4 labs gold extender. Then, I picked my naked girlfriend up and put her on top of me. Spreading her legs, I slid inside her. She awoke momentarily with a gasp, but soon rested her head on my chest again. For a while, I moved very slowly inside her to give us a chance to become more sleepy.

I would stroke her slowly a few times, then just rest inside her for minutes as I drifted back into sleep. Eventually, I began to stroke with a steady, slow rhythm. My girlfriend let out sleepy moans of pleasure on top of me. “Baby, this is a dream,” I told her. “This feels too good to be real.

This can’t really be happening,” I whispered in her ear. She was still sleeping almost completely, and I was only slightly more awake than her. “This is a dream baby,” I kept repeating. “This is a dream. You’re dreaming about my **** inside you right now. This is a dream.” Eventually, the intense pleasure we were feeling caused us both to wake up and we had fully conscious intercourse. Afterwards, she asked me “When we first started having intercourse…was that real or was I dreaming?” I smiled and kissed her. “Both,” I said. NOTES A dream is the ultimate level of immersion. In a dream there are no distracting thoughts or fears, no insecurities and no internal dialogue. There is only pleasure in its purest form. Learn more at http://thongchaimedical.org/ and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/

The more times you start having intercourse while in a sleepy state, the better it will become. I have gained one inch in length and girth using my X4 labs extender for nearly a year. This is because your body becomes accustomed to making motions while you are not fully conscious. Eventually, you will be able to start having fortification while you are so sleepy that you will not remember how you did it later. You always want to lubricate your **** well when having it in your sleep. The friction of a dry private parts will break her immersion and yours. The trick to this fantasy is talking to her and being able to tell her that she’s in a dream when you are almost asleep yourself. With practice, you will be able to control your speech even in a dreamlike state.

Advanced Immersion Fantasy

 Once her entire body has been relaxed like this, tell her that she feels very sleepy and that she can feel herself drifting away. Then, tell her to close her eyes. Tell her to listen to the sound of your voice and obey your commands. Tell her to say “yes, master” when you give her a command. Once you can do this, just keep hypnotically repeating how she is dreaming in her ear as you pound her. It will really feel dreamlike to her – totally different than any lovemaking she’s ever had before thanks to X4 Labs extender. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com

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