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Normal Size for Men using X4 Labs

July 17 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett

Normal Size for Men using X4 Labs

What is normal size for men? I think some people forget that this isn't about looking at the separate factors on their own... but about the combination. It's always about the combination of 2 individual people... not simply the entirety of 2 genders. That's why none of this matters until you are there, having to deal with that specific situation.

I've been a little too big for some girls... and I've been a little too small for some other girls (or was it they were a little too tight or loose for me?) However, IT NEVER GOT IN THE WAY OF GOOD intercourse. When I say a little too big (small, tight, loose) I mean for MY preferences. But it NEVER stopped me from deriving pleasure, its just I could see that "perfection" might be found a few fractions away. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/phallacy-for-men-and-extenders/ and http://astrobiosociety.org/x4-labs-device-review/

But since when does perfection even occur in other people? Sure her face would be a little more perfect if X, Y, and Z were a tiny bit different. Her body would be better if A, B, C were changed. But does that really matter to you? If you stayed constant, sure her private parts would be better if it was tighter/looser... and likewise if she stayed constant, your schlong might be more comfortable if it was a little bigger/smaller, etc. But will that matter to anyone really... would it matter to you if you liked her? HAVE her dimensions ever mattered to you, or did you automatically assign blame to yourself? Learn more about X4 Labs at

Of course the closer to average you are, the less problems you are going to have to work around (population wise). But those problems are TINY in comparison to the skills you have to develop for good sex. I honestly don't know why everyone clings onto this tiny piece of the puzzle... some even devote much of their lives to it. It's such a small piece, that I hope its not distracting from the bigger pieces... the bigger pieces which are actually creating the majority of the intimate experience for you and her.

Something to consider, maybe...

1) Lengthy schlong doesn't use at all its full length while having intercourse.

2) Thrusting UP and IN gets her to climax.

A girthy schlong doesn't use its full girth as well for climax.

Mine is 20 cms long (19 on low days), I think that's 7'8 inches. In terms of width, it's 5 cms, umm, 2 inches? So it's a long one and average width.

Ok, my conclusions. Off course you get some "WOW!"s, and off course they are more receptive for starting bjs and thinks like that. Also, big schlong is noticeable through pants when it gets bit while dancing and things like that, and you have no problem with having accidental touching or more than accidental, it's just calibration... consider it only one more attraction factor, but it's not THE factor.

BUT, once intercourse starts, it's not that important, after a few minutes, it's more the use and how your energies play rather than how big it is. From my experience, I can only put my hole pecker (big but not monster one) inside one of five girls, and that's the only comfortable intercourse, and the rest you have to care A LOT about her otherwise, once pain starts, pleasure goes away. The other 4 girls, 3 are able to have good intercourse if you take care, and one is absolutely impossible, it just hurts way too much, so it's better to go other ways, it's just not going to work.

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