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Does Extagen Work?

April 19 2016 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #health

Extagen is a popular male supplement. Most women have never experienced intimacy with a truly large genital and claim that size is of no importance. However, many change their minds after trying a larger organ on for size. This fact was borne out by a clinical study conducted in the U.K. a few years ago. A physician set out to test the effectiveness of an experimental enlargement regimen on a group of participants (we'll discuss this in chapter 7). Before the clinical trials began, the spouses of the men in the study were asked various questions regarding their partners’ participation in a penis enlargement study. Predictably. 87% of the women were indifferent, stating that the size of her partner's member was consequence. Amusingly, at the end of the trial (in which 28 of the 32 participants had experienced a verifiable increase in size), 67% of these women had changed their minds, stating that the larger dong had truly benefit Most Americans have intimacy six or seven times or month, according to the survey. Learn more about Extagen review | http://male-enhancement-report.com and http://extendersreview.com/compare-brands/

It benefitted them——not only because of the more pleasurable sensations that it provided both partners, but also because of the increased confidence and pride that the larger organ instilled in its owner. A swing of -87% to +67% in the space of a four month period is indeed statistically noteworthy. using Extagen can improve performance and intensity.

Whatever the source of a man's obsession with the size of his schlong. mankind everywhere associates the penis with dominance. Notice how adolescent boys often play “Let's see who's got the biggest one” at Boy Scout campouts and teen slumber parties. Although men outgrow the ostentatious displays of phallic dominance found in juvenile games. this innate sense of curiosity carries over into adulthood. Most men would never admit it, but discreet comparisons DO take place, even among heterosexual men to see how the guy at the next urinal or adjoining shower is fixed. Learn more about extender at http://infospeak.org/?p=147​

Even if a man ventures a glance at the cock next to him. such a gesture is usually casual, innocuous, and seldom intimate in intent. Rather, most men are merely interested in making a quick comparison to reassure themselves that they, too are adequately endowed. Such comparisons are merely a reflection of the competitive nature of men—the same reason why they seek to impress others with a spacious house, a luxurious automobile, or a hefty bank account. Big muscular men are presented as our super- heroes. Big wide cars and expansive mansions are great status symbols. Big diamonds and precious gems all speak of wealth. Big breasts exude sexuality. Big. Big. Big. It would indeed be unusual if there were any appeal at all in the small dong according to http://www.jasminedirectory.com and https://blogs.botw.org


Now please answer the following question in complete honesty. Regardless of the size of your genital would you take another inch if the “cock fairy” could magically grant such a wish? 95% of you undoubtedly answered "of course." I suspect that the remaining 5% are either great liars or already hung like Missouri mules!

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