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Dealing With Pheromone Attraction

December 6 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

Dealing With Pheromone Attraction

How do you deal with pheromone attraction? The way I interpret this message is real pheromones. Yea, I found you attractive and if you had enough balls and were smooth enough (aka reframe me on the "im seeing someone" part if I would have brought it up) you could do it. Furthermore I'm saying all kinds of other stuff about opinion which you probably don't care about so much but since I'm a girl I'll throw it into the mix anyway with real pheromones. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/your-pheromones-matter-to-her/ and https://botw.org/

She wanted me to approach her, because I'm attractive to natural pheromone cologne.

Edit: she confirmed


I remember this german girl on the subway. I got her Facebook, I forgot all about her. She was pretty cute.

Anyway she liked the conversation. Because she finds me attractivvveeee :cool2:


Damnit... I'm forgetting to follow up on all kinds of girls lol. That or I find FB just too exhausting to message on. Excitability is one of the biggest secrets ever to enjoy a more fun life. Excitability is the opposite of what Vipassana does to craving and aversion. With craving and aversion so called sankhara's should not be multiplied and should eventually 'burn away'. I believe a sankhara is anything from: an emotion, a thought, a sensation that is bound by craving or aversion to human pheromones according to http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/october-03rd-2015 and http://infospeak.org/?p=141

When excitability comes in things multiply. First I feel a pleasurable feeling and excitability acts like a catalysts and amplifies it! My thoughts are amplified next.

I'm sure this is because of the following thing. WIth Vipassana you train two things:

- Sensitivity of the sensations felt in the body and head

- Equanimity towards these sensations (meaning: objectively observing it)

Excitability is not about craving or aversion, excitability is joy being amplified right in front of you. This is possible because when I'm surprised I feel joy, then I automatically focus more on it and therefore the intensity of the sensation is stronger. And I'm always surprised to feel joy, because I feel it with the most mundane things. It's the 'body sensational equivalent' of a joke. With a joke when the clue hits the focus on the incongruency (or tension) becomes bigger until it produces laughter with natural pheromone scents.

Such joy needs to be shared with pheromone perfume users. That's how I feel about it. It's interesting to observe how this excitability has the power to catapult me into a big positive state, it's almost like a mindhack or something. I get so positive sometimes that I then believe that positivity is the key to everything, because it's just so much fun to share! I hope I described the importance of the body enough in this process of pheromone transport to the vomeronasal organ. Check out Marylin Miglin pheromone perfume | http://pheromones-4u.com

My insecurities have a sense of pity / melancholy in them. It would make sense if they get dropped immediately now, because I don't feel that way anymore. I interpret a lot of stuff from girls different than before according to http://www.jasminedirectory.com/

I might just die right now. My body is fragile, what could I do about it?

Nothing, just experience it.

It's hard to describe in words how intense and real this experience felt. I had a lot of times thoughts and ideas like "what if today would be your last day?" etc. But this is not the same feeling (it is the same idea though ). This is more of the feeling that: my body is so fragile, every second extra is a win. It's surprising to watch how this system/body keeps this operation going on in such a smooth way. Learn more about Max Attraction Gold pheromones at http://youthbruce.com/2016/05/03/does-max-attraction-gold-work/

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