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Using Pheromones In Your Relationship

April 13 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

Being in a relationship with pheromones is different. It’s what they call pheromonal love, for whatever it is worth. And I’ve found that I’ve always fallen in love with pheromone attraction way more than just physical beauty. And one thing that draws me to a girl is a complete lack of sexually active past. My friends tell me that’s irrational, some people think I’m a child for wanting that, on heartiste’s site, commenters called it beta, but my formula is simple – No hymen, no ring.

Over the years, I have met and fucked many girls who used cheap pheromone perfumes. But I’ve been able to love only a few. And every time, that love was based on a possible future together. Which I don’t envision with any girl who’s had a past. Or with one who’d cheat on someone she claims or claimed to love. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.lankadirectories.com/pheromones-play-an-important-role-in-animal-behavior/.

Meeting Girls With Pheromones

I once met this really cool girl who I went out with a couple of times. I really did dig her. When she found out about my sexual history, she decided she didn’t want to be with me forever, and consequently, that she couldn’t go out with me even one more time. I was somewhat hurt then, but in retrospect I respect her decision. She’s happily married today.

Comparing her pheromone attraction to some of the other girls who got involved with me despite repeated warnings from me and other well-wishers that there’s nothing permanent here, I can clearly see they’re not happy at all.

I have observed that girls who get married young, and devote their lives to following a worthy man’s purpose in life are the happiest. All they need is a ton of work occupying their time, really great shameless roaring sex that shows them they’re loved, and avenues to communicate with other women a hell of a lot of time. That keeps them happy.
Now, here’s how any pheromone seduction happens…

Rule # 1. Be visible. Better yet, be omnipresent.

According to http://www.finngas.net/?p=31, some of the greatest pheromone seduction I’ve ever done has started from being in the vicinity of my mark for a totally legit but unrelated reason. In college, it was being a lab partner. At work, it was being a boss, or a client of their company etc. That gave me a genuine reason to be there and to talk to the mark.

This is true for home-wreckers too. It starts with company. Time spent together. Lots of it. There’s a reason why wives are always insecure of hot secretaries.

Rule #2. Be outcome independent.

Living in NYC has made me totally not care for getting with one hot girl or another There are far too many hotties around here, and I spend a lot of time with many of them. A lot of city girls wear Pherazone pheromones for her due to the extra strong potency. Check out the latest male pheromones at http://www.t-toshi.com/pheromones-produce-familiar-smell/.

Naturally, I don’t care who I bang. I truly don’t. Consequently, I’ll flirt with girls, but very discreetly, and very inconspicuously. Mostly, if I tend to get interested, its because she fulfills many of my qualification criteria. Unless she does, it’s just banter

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