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Insect and Mammal Pheromones

April 13 2015 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #pheromones

In 1930, writing many years before the explosion of knowledge about Insect and mammal pheromones, as ~ mentioned earlier, Daly, a psychoanalyst, and White, an entomologist, postulated that olfactory scents in born brain-programmed responses to pheromonal stimuli that have survival value an influence amongst human behavior. Daly was also the first to propose the use of odors for sexual benefit. He theorized that pheromone odors exert a subtle effect which operates directly in the service of the functions of reproduction.  According to http://www.lankadirectories.com/pheromones-play-an-influential-role/, these pheromone odors are differentiated from coprophillc (fecal) odors. He also raised the question as to why the conscious recognition of sexual odors is so repressed in man? Daiy believed that the recognition of the hypnotic nature at smells In sexual attraction were lost to us because the taboos surrounding Incest and other sexual behaviors make it necessary to inhibit the sexual impulse.

Pheromones and Dating

Thanks to using powerful pheromone colognes found at http://www.ppem.org/pheromone-science-unraveled/, I started dating multiple girls, kind of setting them up like fuck buddies with no intention of catching feelings.. but the shit happens to me… I have 5 girls I am fucking with and 4 of them act like they are falling in love with me  but the one I started to actually like, gives clear indicators she wants me as a fuck buddy… 
According to http://ceicom.org/?p=118, my girlfriend still loves sex when I wear Pherazone pheromones with androstenone with me but thats all we ever meet for now, sex… I feel like she completely flipped the tables on me. I am scared to express how much I like (maybe even love now) her because I dont want to scare her away… Should I keep fucking her and suppress my emotions, tell her, wait for her to come around by ignoring her like the others… fuck anyone in this position ever?

Pheromones In Humans Research

As mentioned before, in 1963 in one of the first review papers on olfactory influence on human sexual behavior, Kalegorkls, a psychiatrist, used the analogy of “a moth to a flame.” Again, it is unfortunate that DaIy’s work was ignored and Kalegorkis failed to get his psychiatric colleagues to focus on the role of pheromone odor in human development according to http://heartywomen.com/pheromones-are-important-for-behavioral-communication/.

It took Alfred Kinsey, the chronicler of human sexual behavior operating outside the bounds of psychoanalysis. to make the case for Insect behavior as a model for the effect of odor on human sexual patterning. Kinsey was a trained zoologist who was also concerned with insect behavior. Interestingly, these analogies are still not generally accepted despite the universally accepted I validity of pheromonal observations in insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and even birds.
What About Pheromone Odors?
From a point source, the concentration at various distances from that source is given by the expression  where the concentration U (r, t) is measured in molecules/Cm3; r is the distance (cm) from the emission source; t is the time (seconds) from the start of the emission; Q_is the emission rate of the gas (molecules/s); D is the diffusion coefficient of the substance in air (cm?/s) and f is a complex correction function for error.

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