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I do care about girls

October 16 2014 , Written by Alexander P Published on #dating

I do care about girls

Then I fingered her and she started to bleed all over my sheets... I felt this thing restricting my fingers about 2 inches deep and when I pushed through it... blood all over.... She's still in high school and doesn’t have the kind of money or mindset to go up to a cosmetician to rebuild her hymen ...

I agree with Sir prize at the fact that these guys are telling me NOT to do this. I want to view for myself. I dont intend to directly fuck anyone up or hurt them. I am aware of this power and I will not use it just so I get kicks out of it. I will use it because I’m attracted to these women and I want them to feel equally attracted to me.

I have already been telling them things in their ears when we make love such as "you belong to me baby girl" and "you never close your doors to me, do you understand"..... But the effects aren’t as good as I want them to be YET... I just want to pack that EXTRA punch.

I do care about these girls, hence I'm mostly monogamous to them.. and I'm not in it just for the sex.. because I dont really enjoy the sex anyway no matter how 'good' it is. Its not doing it for me.

Tying up a women who *wants* to be tied up, holding down and ravishing a women eho *wants* to be held down and ravished, sexually spanking a women who *wants* to be spanked, and occasionally playing around with D/s in the bedroom is a DAMN SIGHT DIFFERENT THAN HURTING A WOMEN

Doing any of those things to a women who didn't want them would be sick and wrong
(her arranging beforehand to play out the fantasy of saying "No...No...you beast.... I never will consent!" while dripping wet and swooning like a dime-store-novel damsel in distress is *clearly* different and that is why people have safe words--- so they can fucking play, people). Consider Steel Libido Irwin Natural.

I'm not even a BDSM community guy, for fucks sake-- don't hate me just for being a better fuck than most people. I don't have any interest in playing in fetish clubs, living a D/s lifestyle, or whatever. Not that there is *anything* wrong with that if I did--- I have friends who do, and I when I began learning about human sexuality the people *I* personally met and modeled, some of whom were BDSM people, some of whom were burlesque dancers (and bisexual women ) among others, were pretty damn cool, friendly, and well-adjusted.

As I've literally just got back from making a new friend in the biblical sense.

Muinro -- "Honey, I really ought to have asked you earlier:--- when I bet you would have said anything I wanted , but would you like to get tied up next time?"
Marilyn "Yes please! "

Wow---- such powerful hypnosis I had to use to force my perverted desires on the poor girl. I'm a fiend--- look for my eBook and limited edition audiobook "The September Clown:-- how to control women's minds with hypnosis and make them want to try sexual Experimentation With You now BUY MUINRO". Brax-- you're country has been *blessed*, by the way .

Would that I and many other people had actually realized it a long time ago-- picking up chicks isn't actually a big deal. They *WANT* to be picked up. Women like sex. They also happen to like interesting sex more than 12 minutes in the missionary position with the lights out, while the "pua" in question yells "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME?/I AM THE PRIZE/LOVE ME." before coming.

Please tell me how wanting complete control over *anyone’s* mind and emotions is
anything other than rape? It actually sounds *worse* than rape to me-- you're taking someone’s ability to choose.

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