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Nantucket Portrait Photographer Terry Pommett

October 21 2014 , Written by Mike Alexander Published on #photography

Thinking of getting your head shots on Nantucket? Let me give you the lowdown about portrait photography and how to get the best photos possible. You have to go out and shoot shots that don't matter so much first. if you go on vacation and put so much pressure on yourself to shoot amazing shots when you are still learning, there is just no way you will succeed. Instead, try taking picks of your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews playing at the park or walking to school. Or go to your local flower nursery and shoot some pics of their flowers for practice.

Always remember that the technical skills needed to shoot a sunset in Fiji are exactly the same as the skills needed to shoot a sunset in your backyard! So practice out there for a couple weeks once you learn the exposure triplets (ISO/Aperture/Shutter) you WILL be able to get good shots! Terry Pommett has been a Nantucket portrait photographer for over 25 years. You can check out his photography at http://pommettphotography.com/galleries/portraits/.

After you have the technical skills and have honed them locally, then you can do the same with your creative skills. I challenge myself to find a less stunning subject and try to find a creative way to shoot it to make it interesting. for example, the sidewalk... pretty dang boring to me.. but if you get really low and are creative with your aperture.. maybe it can be interesting.. then again maybe not and I'll have to try harder, at the same time that I’m expanding my ability to find interesting shots, I’m also stretching my technical skills.

Another thing I’ll do is pick a subject and then shoot it until I am absolutely sick and tired of looking at it.... It could be a really cool twisty looking tree, or it could be a building or a person. I shoot it from every conceivable angle, every regular and creative exposure I can think of. high key, low key, whatever I can possibly think of! But try to make every shot the best it possibly can be, don't just spray and pray and never look at the images. The goal is for each shot to have some sort of merit, even if it isn't "good". This for me at least, helps me see things that I might normal miss when I’m exploring how to shoot something for "real". Learn more about Nantucket wedding photographer for 2016 | http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com.

Find a local photography group! Somewhere you can show your good pics and even more importantly your BAD pics and get advice on what might have helped your vision come through on those specific shots.

Finally, when your next trip happens... TAKE YOUR TIME shooting. Review your images while you are still on location. Zoom in and make sure things are in focus. make sure you mind your technical information that you've been practicing. I'd say the best training is just go out and shoot. You'll learn more from your mistakes than anything else.

Now that digital means we no longer have to print to see the results running off a couple of hundred frames practicing costs nothing. I would say to go out and shoot FILM. and black and white. color is just a FAD.

you will learn from your mistakes. however, you will also learn to compose the shot in the camera and in your head, rather than in Photoshop. you will be observing light; how it changes through the day, and how it interacts, emphasizes, and changes a subject.

Work within the limitations of film; limitations are what drive creativity. figure out how to shoot iso100 outside at dusk. Learn to develop your film, and print it optically. if you are lazy like me, you'll crap out and scan it, but the real power of black and white photography is the texture of the print.

You will learn more from 5 rolls of black and white film than you will shooting 120 digital photos, because you will be waiting for the 'decisive moment', rather than 'spray and pray'. With film, you're overcome and can no longer restrain yourself from saving that exposure and taking the photo. at that point, you're a photographer. In the age of digital photography, it is more essential than ever to take film seriously.

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