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How To Become A Master At Anything in 90 days

May 29 2014 , Written by Mark Pommett Published on #business

How To Become A Master At Anything in 90 days

To get to MASTER level skills, we recommend that every 90 days you come back and go through the same exercises once again with your staff. You will be surprised at how much more you get out of a training experience the SECOND and THIRD times. If you truly want to create a master-level sales team/effort, you must revisit that module every three months at a minimum.

The same is true for time management, or presenting, or marketing, or advertising, etc... each area of SKILL must be worked at. This program is designed to be used two ways: Linear and modular. If you went through the program in a linear fashion, starting with module 1 and ending with module 22, it would take you through the perfect path to growing your company (more on this below). However, it is also modular and can be accessed that way as well. Meaning, if you are hiring sales staff right now, you can go directly to that module (8) and it will give you what you need in a more surgical fashion. Or if you need to improve your selling, you can go right to that module (13) and it will help you detail and profoundly improve your selling process and systems.

This program is set up like your company SHOULD be set up. Meaning, the order of the modules flow in a way that guides you on how to set up a righteous company. There are 22 modules that cover every aspect of managing, marketing and growing your company.

The BEST WAY to go through the training program: The best way to go through the training program is to pretend that you just paid $8000 to attend a four-day live event to really get serious about your business. If you can, take your staff off-site and go through those modules as if you were at the live event. Do all the exercises, take great notes, keep action item lists, etc...

Here's what will happen: You will be utterly overwhelmed with insights, ideas, concepts and ways to improve every single aspect of your business. But you now know what you have. You will now know the enormous resource that is now at your disposal. You will also be able to properly prioritize based upon your individual needs.

The SECOND BEST WAY to go through the program is in a linear fashion, in the order in which the modules are labeled (starting with module one and going through to the end), attempting to get through it as fast as possible. Again, we want you to know what you have, even if you can't get to improving everything all at once. You'll see the vast possibilities.

The NEXT BEST WAY to go through the herpes simplex 1 treatment program, if you're already overwhelmed, is to take it in bite-sized pieces as you go, learning and prioritizing according to your needs right now (as mentioned above). This is most important if you suffer from herpes simplex 1 symptoms.

The ULTIMATE LESSON about the program is that it is a skill-building program for life. Chet has been doubling the sales of companies for 20 years using these strategies and tactics and is STILL improving his skills in every area covered. We hope you will commit to the same. If you do, you will be a master sales, mgmt and marketing genius compared to most companies. Most companies really don't market, manage and sell very well. You'll agree completely as you learn what this program has to offer.

The first thing every company should do is learn the critical importance of training. But more important than knowing the critical role that training will play in the growth of your company is HOW to train, HOW OFTEN to train and the BEST WAYS to train. As you'll see in Module 2, there's a LOT to know about how to get you and your staff to "master level skills" in the critical areas of growing a company that sells the top pheromones.

Next, you learn how to run meetings (most CEO's do not know how to have a great meeting) manage staff, brainstorm, create new and better ways of doing things, and then how to RUN a company for maximum productivity. The time mgmt module is awesome. It contains the learning curve of billionaires and should be viewed by every single person in the company. Then, before you sell, before you market, before you try to attract even a single client, you must become a master of strategy. NOT becoming a master of strategy is equivalent to being a general in a battle and deploying your troops with the words: "Go fight the enemy." No plans, no thinking, no skills training-you're going to get slaughtered if you run up against a strategist who sells pheromones wholesale.

A strategist does the following:

They preempt the competition at every turn.

They make offers that make your prospective buyers come to you before they even know they are going to buy. And IF they already KNOW they are going to buy, they will come to you FIRST above all your competitors. We promise this result if you master strategy.

They get up to 14 strategic objectives achieved for every single tactic. Most companies are lucky if they accomplish ONE strategic objective (making the sale is ONE strategic objective; there are up to 13 others you should look to achieve for the SAME client interaction – hence dramatically increasing your yield per move you make).

This module (Super Strategies for Super Growth) changes everything for any company wise enough to master it! Not just watch it one time, but MASTER it, learn it, internalize it, systematize it. Watch it every three months and you'll get even more out of it.

All of these modules are devoted to that one elusive area for most companies: How to GET CLIENTS. Most companies are lucky if they have a handful of methods to GET CLIENTS, and they aren't terribly effective at those as it is. This program is ALL about getting more and more clients, 100 different ways of doing so and how to be more effective at it than anyone else. Take for example the Nantucket wedding photographer who is looking for work.

Master these modules and you will be the single best marketer in your field, industry, profession or area of business.

These modules focus on hiring strategies and getting top producers in your business. This single initiative has helped propel more companies into fast growth than perhaps any other learning curve we could teach you (although The Dream 100 concept definitely rivals the Superstar strategy in creating huge long term growth). The "Profit Now" session is all about building the procedures that maximize profits for each activity in your business. This is taught by a man who built two companies to $100 million. It is an awesome learning curve that shows you how to make a super strong and highly profitable company.

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